Why Gray?

What is the Gray Man? He's right beside you. He's the hidden protector of you and those around you. He's a man of resolve and self control. He knows exactly what's going on around you as you look down at your phone. He's the guy in the hat behind you at the grocery store. You wouldn't notice him, but he notices you.

He's the man who understands this simple fact: NOBODY is coming to save you. The world is a harsh wasteland full of wolves willing to devour you, your family, and everyone around you until you have nothing. The Gray Man understands this.

Which is why he takes steps to be prepared. Which is why he takes control of his life and attacks it. He doesn't sit back idly by and watch the world burn around him. He walks forward into the darkness because he knows he must. He knows his work is important and he knows it must be effective.

That's why everyday he strives to perform everything at the optimal level. Mind - body - soul. He keeps his head down and pushes forward toward the goal and only is noticed when it matters. 

What does any of this have to do with supplements?

Because Gray Man Lifestyle is about more than supplements. Supplements can help bring your body to it peak levels of performance and that's something we want to do. But at Gray Man Lifestyle, we want to help provide you with resources and encouragement to strive toward being the Gray Man. Newsletters, videos, tips, tricks. We want to encourage you to be the Gray Man and live an upright and productive life for the sake of you, your family, and others around you. Nobody is coming to save you and nobody is coming to save them - so it's time for you to take charge and approach the world around you as a place to be conquered, not a cesspool of defeatism.