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Focused Energy Drink (Smooth Lemonade)

Focused Energy Drink (Smooth Lemonade)

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The world isn't going to stop for you. It doesn't matter how tired you are, how much you've been through, or how many responsibilities you have - the world is going to try and knock you down. Don't let it.

GRAY Focused Energy will help you push back against the world. You may be exhausted but GRAY will give you the boost you need with a clear head to attack whatever is thrown at you head on. Don't let it win. Blend in until you need to stand out.*


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  • Amino Acids

    The building blocks of brain function. Added to improve your body's efficiency in managing energy and a natural way to promote laser focus.*

  • Creatine

    Enhances your brain energy metabolism for improved cognition, focus, and memory.*

  • 200mg Caffeine

    Focus. Energy. It's what you want and this is what you get. Enough caffeine for that boost in focus without overdoing it.*